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Brand Identity, Product Development

Support is a tool designed to bring visibility to sports bra education by providing reminders on how a sports bra should fit for maximum support, comfort, and athletic performance.


Inspired by my experience as a collegiate cross country and track athlete and current marathon runner. Support was designed out of the need for increased sports bra fit education and visibility to help women find the best sports bras for their unique bodies. I developed Support with visual measurements and reminders for proper fit, like measuring a 2-inch stretch from skin to shoulder at the strap, or a reminder that there should be no gaps in the armpit area. Ideally, Support would be available for purchase and viewing in athletic stores and fitting rooms, like Lululemon, Oiselle, and Athletica.


If you are unfamiliar with sports bra importance and issues: 

Ill-fitting sports bras affect approximately 85% of women. A poorly fitted sports bra can cause significant discomfort and pain in women, which reduces their desire to take part in physical activity and can limit athletic performance. For example, In distance running, wearing a poorly fitted sports bra can cause women to lose up to 4 centimeters of stride length. Over the course of a marathon that adds up to running a whole extra mile.