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Leisure Time Winery








Leisure Time Winery

Brand Identity, Packaging, Photography

Rebranding of Leisure Time Winery, a local Northwest Ohio winery and event space. The rebrand draws inspiration from the location of Leisure Time and elevates the brand in an elegant way for use at various events hosted in the space.

Leisure Time Winery is located in a rural area and has beautiful outdoor seating where the stars can be easily seen at night while enjoying a glass of wine. To set itself apart from other wineries in the area the emblem reflects elegance and features celestial imagery rather than grape and woodsy imagery traditionally seen. The emblem logo features wine bottle imagery and flowy circle forms that represent flowing wine. The addition of a star element as the tittle of the i, in the wordmark logo, eludes to this celestial imagery throughout the brand.

The combination logo (stacked emblem and wordmark) is showcased in the packaging of the brand and is responsive to the label color of each bottle. Notable elements of the packaging design include the description of each wine and pairing recommendations. A virtual wine-tasting kit was also designed to provide a unique touchpoint experience to customers of Leisure Time.